Unexpected Art: first raid – Arte Inattesa: prima incursione

Unexpected Art: first raid – Arte Inattesa: prima incursione

It all began in May 2002 with the opening of the MiArt fair. The sculpture “Art opening”, a seated woman reading an art book, was placed in front of the MiArt entrance. It was interesting to see the different reactions: for most people she was a real woman. Some stopped to look at her for a long time (wondering why she would sit still in the poring rain); some others ran away, and some, though bound for the MiArt to see artworks, passed by Andros sculpture without noticing it. Was it just absent-mindedness or was the chaos of the city to be blamed for this? Or perhaps the art is to be introduced in full regalia to capture the attention of art lovers? It makes one wonder… (picture and video included)
Tutto iniziò nel maggio 2002, con l’inaugurazione del MiArt. La scultura “Art opening”, una donna che sfoglia un libro d’arte, venne posta di fronte all’ingresso della nota fiera d’arte milanese. Fu interessante vedere le reazioni: per alcuni era una donna vera, chi si fermava, chi scappava, chi pur recandosi al Miart per vedere anche delle sculture, passava davanti alla scultura senza accorgersi della sua esistenza. Semplice distrazione? Colpa dei troppi input nel caos cittadino? O forse l’arte deve essere presentata in pompa magna e con nome e cognome, perché qualcuno si accorga della sua esistenza? C’è da meditare… (più sotto, foto e video)


Arte inattesa: prima incursione - Unexpected Art: first raid - Andros

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